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How long does it take for a hot tub too actually heat up ready for use?

This all depends on the time of year but generally a Jacuzzi hot tub heats up in 12-16 hours and is ready for immediate use for up to 6 months.

What is the average temperature for an outside Hot Tub?

Well, this depends on the time of year and season. If we are talking summer, then most people keep the spa at about 37C-ish, which is about body temperature – much lower than this and the water will feel cold! In the middle of winter, I think it is normal to be at 40C. Any temperature over 37.5C will feel warm, but as the winter can get down to -5C or -6C you will need the water temperature to combat the cold. In water this hot keep drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

How long should you stay in your Hot Tub?

There is no recommended time limit for bathing in your Hot Tub, however, it is best to keep yourself hydrated whilst you are in the spa and drink plenty of water. You should also take care to maintain your sanitized level, which will deplete over a few hours of bathing.

How do you move and install the Hot Tub?

We are specialists and have nearly 10 years of experience in installing hundreds of hot tubs. We also own a craned lorry and have a spa dolly moving system available for tight delivery’s. Normally with our tubs you need a clear 1m access but don’t worry we provide free site surveys. In the worst case we can arrange a local 21m craned lift for approx £300 to go over house roofs and garages.

What do you need to prepare before installing a hot tub?

To install your hot tub, you only need to worry about three things: a solid, level base to stand it on, an electrical feed, and a hose pipe to fill it up with – it really is that simple.If you plan to sink the spa, there will be the added consideration of access to the component door for servicing, so do bear that in mind when planning and preparing your base. Always get full installation instructions from your supplier, which should include specific advice on sinking the model purchased.

Are hot tubs expensive to run?

The costs to run a hot tub can vary from product to product and also depends on how much a tub is used and the environment the tub is kept in. Jacuzzi hot tubs feature many energy saving features that keep running costs to a minimum, but a good average running cost based on extensive tests carried out by an independent research company is 60p per day.

How often should a sanitise the Jacuzzi system?

Once a week treatment supplied by Premier Spas is all that is required to keep your Jacuzzi Hot Tub water in tip top condition, empty and refill every 3-4 months.

Are Hot Tubs good for your skin?

Water is good for your skin, but hot water over a long period will cause your skin to dry out. It is important to maintain the correct pH and Sanitizer balance so as not to cause skin irritation. I would always suggest that a good moisturiser is used all over after using your Hot Tub.

What is the electrical requirements for a Jacuzzi hot tub?

We have a range of models with varying levels of power requirements between 13amp plug in and 40 amp, we provide you with all pre-installation data you require or do the job for you normally at a cost of £330 for an electrical feed but we can quote this on our site survey.

I have found a Hot Tub on a website for half the price of yours and it comes with a TV have I struck gold?

Unfortunately not! often these are very poorly built hot tubs and generally come from Asia. The running costs can be as much as £4-£6 per day and have poor filtration and even less hydrotherapy benefits which is why you are buying a hot tub in the 1st place isn’t it? My advice is stay well clear, if i could sell good quality hot tubs for £2000- £3000 i would have a shop full. We have been selling hot tubs for 10 years and spent days and days testing and researching all brands of Hot tubs available in the UK and Jacuzzi Hot tubs stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Pop in to out large indoor showroom and see for yourself.

Whats the difference between a Hot Tub, Spa, Jacuzzi?

It can all get confusing but its quite simple: Spa – the early name for them some people still use it comes from roman times when the built spas to relax in. Hot tubs- the new modern name for an outdoor hydrotherapy pool. Jacuzzi Hot Tub – the original brand like hoover is a vacuum cleaning a “Jacuzzi” is a make of Hot tub made by the original inventor. Technically everything else is a copy because Jacuzzi put over 250 world wide patents in place no other tub looks and works like a Jacuzzi hot tub that’s why we sell them.

Do you need planning permission to install a Hot Tub?

Planning permission is not normally required for items of a relocatable/ temporary nature like a Hot tub, however, if you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, or listed property or a conservation area you would do well to seek advice from the planners before installing your pool or spa.